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It is hard to imagine or believe that in the twenty first century slavery still exists. Yet it does. Our global leaders tell us that there are now more people trapped in some form of slavery than at any time before in history. Estimates for the total number of men, women and children enslaved today vary but it is generally accepted and agreed to be in excess of twenty million people. 
Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery and over recent years there has been a growing concentration of effort both at a national and international level to tackle this crime. There has also been an increasing momentum, driven by international leaders and institutions to call trafficking by its true name - slavery.
Slavery, including human trafficking is first and foremost a crime and a fundamental breach of the human rights of its victims. Slavery is now believed to be the second most profitable global criminal business generating an estimated $32 billion dollars a year yet the number of convictions remains as low as very rare crimes such as murder in Iceland. Much more needs to be done.
Many view the issue of trafficking as an aspect of immigration but whilst many trafficked victims may be immigrants recovered in a foreign land, the United Nations records that one in four victims are in fact exploited in their own country. There is no immigration aspect at all in these cases only evidence that a crime has been committed.
It has become apparent over recent years that an effective national and international response to slavery requires many essential facets. One of these is raising the general awareness of trafficking to both front line professionals and the general public. 
The TRUTH project is an EU funded programme designed to raise awareness of this crime to, (in the first instance), front line professionals in the social care sector. Through this website you will gain access to a new on-line course that is freely available. At the moment the course is available in English, Italian, Greek and Romanian but we hope to be able to build on this language availability in time.

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